About us

It is the mission of Venture Media Consultancy Pte Ltd (VMC) to provide comprehensive Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for our clients.It is our long-term goal to become the preferred business-to-business outsource marketing agency. VMC is not simply into producing a service for its clients but ensure delivery of message reach the right people, at the right moment to ensure effective communication with their market. 

 We are committed to given target and establish relationship with our clients within the shortest period and maximize quality leads and sales with the capabilities of our staffs. We yearn for our commitment to be recognized. Venture Media Consultancy Pte Ltd, is a Company registered in the Republic of Singapore. The company is setting visions to venture its BPO into overseas.


Increase market shares by targetting the correct audiences and provide measurable indicatives for market proposition.


To be the preferred business partner, enhancing network marketing activities & reaching out to the world of consumer.


We are unique. We deliberately choose an office environment that allows entrepreneurial flair to flourish. Small team offices with choice of headsets, predictive diallers and other telemarketing enhancements.Varied and exciting reward schemes. Structured and regular staff entertainment.

We invest huge time and resource providing a world class telemarketing training programme for all staff in the different areas of our business devised by the founder of the company. Influenced by both traditional and modern sales and marketing techniques we believe we equip all of our team with every telemarketing tool available to exceed their sales targets.

We utilize the very latest technology including state of the art on line telemarketing database, telephone systems and call recording equipment. Our experience purchasing and selecting the right data for the relevant industry is second to none. Geographical area, point of contact, size of company, industry type and where to source data are equally as critical as choosing the right telemarketing partner.

What We Do

When it comes to Business-to-business (B2B) sales, your business growth is only as satisfactory as your customer experience, because even today one phone call can make or break the deal. Keeping your customers happy is incremental to driving revenue and we know that. Our team aims to make the sales process of your products memorable at every touch point, from contact centre to lead generation, customer retention and brand loyalty programs. It’s complex, yet simple exact timing and relevant focus catalyze impact.

Our approach combines a 360-view of your customers, tailor made marketing automation,  innovative planning, sales force training and multichannel support to make sure your brand offers positive experiences at every step of the buyer’s journey. Customer relationships are the sole focus of our expert account managers because we make sure our marketing investments are applied efficiently and effectively to leverage measurable and completely transparent performance. With an overall sales record of more than 90% accepted opportunities, we do business with dedication, integrity and zest.