February 22, 2018

Cold Calling


Cold calling quite often receives bad press and can be seen as a nuisance by some. Cold calling is approaching potential customers that were not expecting to speak with you.

This type of calling is one of the most unpopular tasks in telesales! It can be emotionally draining because some people do not respond well to receiving an unsolicited call.

‘Cold’ refers to the fact that no groundwork has been laid prior to the call being made. If you start calling from a list of prospects that you have never contacted before you will have to be able to identify whether or not a prospect has any requirement for the product or services you are offering.

Contacting prospects that have already expressed an interest in your services or previously purchased your products is known as ‘warm’ calling.

If, for example, you have a list of contacts that have requested further information via your website, this would be classed as warm calling. On the other hand, you may have purchased an unqualified contact list from a supplier of business/consumer data that you have never dealt with before – this is a cold list.

Opinions are divided in the marketing world on the effectiveness of cold calling. VMC will argue that cold calling is an efficient and effective way of identifying prospective new business and can be converted easily providing the telesales agent handles the call correctly.

Cold calling is not a case of smashing aimlessly through 300 telephone numbers a day to ask a question and move on. It is about asking the right questions in order to identify a potential need and develop meaningful relationships with prospective clients. These leads need to be nurtured until they are closed.

A cold calling exercise will produce significant results if done correctly from the outset. A campaign can be helped vastly with the right data from the right supplier. You can select data by target company size, geographical location, industry sector and a whole host of relevant verticals.

By calling the right people in the first place you can guarantee your cold calling campaign will be a success, especially with the expertise of the team at Venture Media Consultancy on your side.