February 22, 2018

Customer Surveys


What methods do you have in place to ensure that your customers are satisfied and will continue using your services or buying your products? Many businesses say they believe in great customer service but very few have a proactive system in place to ensure they deliver.

Delivering a great service requires an understanding of exactly what your customers expect and, equally as importantly, what they think about your products and services.

Do you send out an email with a customer satisfaction survey attached? How many of your customers actually fill this out? Would you like to achieve a greater understanding of your target market in order to maximise your sales opportunities and generate more revenue?

The easiest way to find out what your customers want is, simply, to ask them! Pick up the phone and ask them directly. This is guaranteed to achieve an exceptionally high hit rate compared to the alternatives of emailing, faxing or posting surveys.

VMC has already made tens of thousands of calls on behalf of clients in order to help them ascertain their customer’s levels of satisfaction. We regularly achieve over 75% response to our calls which is undoubtedly the highest response rate achievable.

Our customer survey team can tailor design a campaign that is guaranteed to give you the feedback you need to increase your market share.

If you already have your own web-based questionnaire we can integrate this with our in-house system in order to improve reporting efficiency. If you have not yet developed a questionnaire VMC can design a structured survey that will provide maximum information is the most digestible manner.