February 22, 2018

Data Cleansing


Are you aware that data can decay up to 30% in just one year? This means that in just one year you could be wasting up to a third of your marketing budget.

How old is your database? A database that is a few years old could be virtually redundant. Do you have the most up to date contact details for your clients?

As direct marketing is becoming an increasingly popular method of driving sales, accurate data has become absolutely vital.

Our company can provide you with an affordable, efficient and quick way to ensure your data is cleansed effectively which is an important requirement under the Personal Data Protection Act.

You need to solve any database issues as quickly as possible in order to minimize your costs and free up more of your marketing budget.

Venture Media Consultancy can integrate a multi-channel approach to increasing the profitability of your database by coinciding a customer satisfaction survey or data mining exercise with your cleansing campaign.

The data profiling experts at our company will work on your database to the highest professional standards using flexible and state of the art technology to achieve optimum results.

All data cleansing exercises are overseen by a member of the management team so that rigorous quality assurance is achieved.