February 21, 2018

Business Objective


We are experts in the telesales and telemarketing business.

We are delighted to get involved with so many diverse and interesting projects.

We take great delight in proving that what looks so difficult to some, can in fact, be relatively straight forward.

Telemarketing / Telesales is not rocket science.

If you take very simple steps with each part of the process from:

    • Introduction
    • To call script
    • Database sourcing
    • Data cleansing
    • Call volumes
    • Pitch
    • Tone
    • Timing
    • Delivery
    • Sales training
    • Promotion
    • Reporting structures
    • Quality controls

Most projects follow simple rules – what is often called the reverse sales pyramid – the more calls you do initially, the more first appointments, which in turn leads to more second appointments, which in turn, leads to more orders or business.


The nature of the script is always going to change based upon products or services, its unique selling points and any promotions that the company is engaged in.

However something’s are always going to be true about calling and the supporting script.

Telemarketing/ telesales has a very simple purpose to drive appointments and drive sales.

It is however not an easy thing to do, as there has to be a great deal of clarity as to what a company is selling, and what the benefit is to that person and/or company.

The call has to be relevant and compulsive enough for someone to take a leap of faith with their precious time and see if you can really improve their profit, processes etc.